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what is

a sugar rebel?

A SUGAR REBEL is the audacious woman who takes control of her circumstances. She does not wait for something to happen. She makes things happen!


A SUGAR REBEL faces adversity head on, no matter who or what she encounters and does not back down when things get tough. She knows that everything is happening for her and not against her. She knows that there are no failures, only lessons learned.

A SUGAR REBEL challenges the status quo and does not readily believe what everyone believes. She is discerning and trusts Wisdom to guide her decisions.


A SUGAR REBEL knows her value. She is confident, persistent, consistent, diligent, and has a NO EXCUSES attitude when it comes to her health, fitness, her body, and, ultimately, her life. She shines because she is authentic and does not compromise her beliefs to please others. 



DEFINE their own destiny.

CREATE their forward thinking mindset.

BUILD their ideal lifestyle.


SUGAR REBELS are free from: the worry of their weight on the scale; from the stronghold of sugar addiction; and "hangry"ness. She embraces her sexy in a way that makes her one of a kind.


SUGAR REBEL is the identity YOU choose to step into. It means embracing the past failures that enhance who you are today and letting go all of the excuses that says you can't do it. Because YOU can.




My name is Anna Dornier and I created The Sugar Rebels after suffering from intense sugar cravings when I gave birth to my 2nd child, Isabella. My cravings were so strong that it controlled every second of my life - I was constantly hangry and looking for something sweet that will satisfy my insatiable sweet tooth. To top it all, my right knee and left thumb started hurting as if I was developing arthritis at age 34. To make matters worse, I was going through all this as a fitness bootcamp owner who is supposedly the example I needed to be for my clients. I did not feel qualified!


When a fellow fitness pro mentioned the ketogenic diet to me and all of its benefits, I had to take a chance. It was my last resort. After 4 months of living the keto lifestyle, I drastically reduced my sugar cravings; I can skip meals without being hangry and acting like a diva; I no longer had to take naps in during the day even after waking up in the middle of the night to breastfeed baby Bella; I became more patient with my kids; and, to my surprise, my libido is the same as when I first met my husband (then boyfriend) in college. A nice side effect of this lifestyle is losing 49 lbs in 4 months!


Keto was the miracle I needed and maybe it will be for you too! I made it my mission to educate and encourage as many people as possible to give this lifestyle their full commitment so you can also uncover the best version of yourself.



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Sugar Rebel Testimony 2
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