Keto Bread Review

Keto has gotten mainstream since I started eating this way almost 6 years ago. Gone are the days when I spent hours in the kitchen making a keto version of my favorite high-carb treats! Fortunately, this popularity has been a blessing as food companies innovate and make keto goodies widely available online and offline.

Not surprisingly, many food companies have perfected low-carb bread. I've personally seen this evolution from these brands and have tested just passable for bread to I-can't-even-believe-this-is-keto bread!

So, today, I am reviewing my top keto bread picks so you can choose what's the best for you in terms of taste, texture, and availability (online or offline).

Here they are in no order of preference:

#1 Sola Bread

Sola Bread was the very first commercially-made keto bread I ever ordered online. I was highly doubtful I was going to love it and my expectations were very low because I was basing my experience on the many times I've tried to bake keto bread at home.

To my surprise, I fell in love with Sola (and my family did too)! It tastes buttery and toasts just like regular bread.


  1. Sola has loaves, bagels, hamburger buns, and hotdog buns and they come in a variety of flavors as well. Our favorite is the Golden Wheat flavor loaf.

  2. You can get a discount for ordering multiple buns and get free shipping for orders over $30.


  1. We've noticed that each slice of bread has gotten smaller ever since we started buying them.

  2. Their bread is made with modified wheat flour so there is gluten in it. This is no biggie on keto but it can be a problem if you are sensitive to gluten.

  3. Getting your bread can take anywhere from 5-10 days.

  4. They have limited in-store availability. Check their store locator by clicking here to check if they sell it at your local grocery store.

#2 Smart Buns

The Smart Baking Co. is probably the first one to come up with a low-carb burger bun that is also gluten-free. I remember the first time I had it and I was like, "Hallelujah! I can have a bun with my burger." LOL. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind a bunless burger on most days but during the summer season when we fire up the grill, it's nice to have something soak up all the smoky flavor of the burger meat ya know?!

I also love their Smart Cakes for a quick, sweet treat but their muffins, not so much.


  1. Their buns come in regular or topped with sesame seeds so you have options.

  2. They have mixed bundles.

  3. They have a subscription if you want to keep getting them routinely each month.

  4. Their gluten-free yet still very much like regular bread.

Check out their selection by clicking here and get 10% off when you use coupon code: annard2024


  1. Limited availability in grocery stores.

#3 Great Low Carb Bread Company

This company not only has bread but also bagels and pasta! However, I did find their bread the densest compared to Sola and Smart buns. Surprisingly, I actually love their bagels as they are not dense at all! This is also my 8 yo son's favorite low-carb bagel brand. The pasta is just ok. It wouldn't pass for pasta in my opinion.


  1. They have a variety of low-carb specialties like pasta, pizza crust, bagels, cookies, and baking mixes.

  2. They have a sampler pack so you can try them before you buy regular quantities.


  1. Mostly available online unless you live in Kansas, Missouri, or Oklahoma. Check out their store locator by clicking here.

  2. Their products are also made with modified wheat flour.

#4 Giuliano's Keto

This is my latest keto bread find mainly because my cousin works for them and she sent me a sample box of all of their new keto line. They launched their keto line in April 2021 and when I got my samples, I was ecstatic to try them out (duh! lol).

When I say this is as close to real bread as you can get, I'm being very, very serious. It toasts like regular bread. The taste and texture are just like regular bread. You can literally close your eyes and focus on what you're eating and you still won't be able to tell it's keto!

My favorite flavor they have is the Cinnamon Swirl Bread but all of them are amazing in their own right.


  1. The closest to regular bread in taste and texture. You couldn't ask for anything better!

  2. Currently, Los Angeles area residents can pick up orders at 2 local locations and for the rest of us, you can order online by clicking here. If you are looking for a store that offers Giuliano's Bakery Keto Friendly Products locally or would like them to get stocked near you, you may contact them at

  3. They have a variety of other bread types to choose from like dinner rolls, burger buns, and cheese breadsticks.


  1. They also use modified wheat and whole wheat flour which means it contains gluten.

  2. Soybean oil is one of the ingredients which is not keto-friendly. I've given them the feedback to change it to keto-friendly oil so hopefully, they will change it once they test the shelf life.

#5 Oasis Bread

For my sprouted grain bread lovers out there, this one is for you! One of my clients actually told me about this bread when she saw it at Sprouts Farmers Market. If you love sprouted grain bread, you will definitely love the crunchiness of this. Because it is easy to find at a local Sprouts, this has been our go-to everyday bread. It's great with butter or almond butter!


  1. They come in 2 varieties: Low Carb Flaxseed and Low Carb Veggie. We love the flaxseed one.

  2. Easy to find locally if you have a Sprouts Farmers Market near you. Check out their store locator by clicking here.

  3. Oasis keto-friendly bread has the texture of whole wheat, sprouted grain bread than regular white bread.


  1. If you like the texture of regular white bread, this one is not for you.

#6 Oroweat Keto Bread

I was excited to find this next to Oasis Bread at Sprouts when it first came out. I mean Oroweat is a popular bread brand right?! Sadly, I was very disappointed. This bread is dense and the taste has a sour undertone to it. I had to throw the rest away and never bought it again.

I decided to include it here more as a warning if you see it in your grocery store so you don't waste your money buying it. If you still want to try it yourself, find it in your local store by clicking here.

And there you have it, folks! By no means is this an exhaustive list of all keto breads but it is a good selection to start with if you haven't ventured into trying keto (low-carb) bread before.

Feel free to share this post to your friends especially those who are just starting or re-starting their keto journey.

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